Mindtree community testimonials

About Testimonials

Communities in Mindtree are vibrant, engaging as well as dynamic. We did a community survey and found out that 23% saw a great progress in the way community initiative has evolved in 2011. 8% said the community activities have made a direct impact in their work/project and it was a life saver for them. 47% noticed a positive impact (personally/professionally) on themselves as well as others.

On this page you will find selected testimonials from the community members. In addition click here to experience how the community initiative has benefited our community. The characters (in the cartoon) are fictional but the stories are real.

Community Snapshots

Madhusudhan KM, Chief Architect of MindTree, facilitating an event on 'Rules of the Thumb do not Apply' for breakthrough applications. He gave examples of Skype, eBay, Twitter where the thumb rules did not apply.

Jyoti Sangam

I was new to android; rather I thought it is out of my way. While conducting events in Linux community, a manager provided me an opportunity to work on android. Now I am a proud developer of Android. It gave me a window to see the world outside.

Srivatsa Kondapalli

I was never a speaker before. By organizing various activities and events for the community, I can speak confidently in front of a crowd now. A lot of people look forward to me as a role model, which I consider as a great compliment to the work that I have been doing.

Vikramjit Bindra

The OTS events with Jana were very rewarding. This helped create comparative analysis between application development and OTS which in turn helped the extended community.

Karthik Bhaskara

‘Branuial testing’ community initiative helped me to interact with testing peers within Mindtree.

Kishore Ghosh

I was new to SAP BI tools but got a significant confidence post attending events in SAP community.

Sagar Sunkari

Agile Myth Series, Cadence learning stories were very good, interesting & informative.

Ranjani G

Spanish classes (Foreign Language Community) helped me understand the basics and simple usage of phrases made my interactions with the client more lively and helpful.

Uma Ramakrishnan

BookFish and Green community helped in creating awareness, knowledge sharing and sense of responsibility.

Selvi Pandian

Being a member in Investor community helped me know about investments. Otherwise, I would not have known.

Patrecia Preetham

Green Community has helped me know more about environmental issues, and has motivated to take some initiatives.

Kamal Kanth

It great to hear from senior folks on their experiences on how they have come so far. It helps me to plan and apply the same to my personal and professional life.

Avinash Eswar Patel

External speakers events like ‘Consciousness’ by Vishu Hegde and ‘Read India Read’ by Manavji are kind of unique sessions which makes Mindtree Community stand apart from others & that’s how it should go further.

Ashish Kumar

It was really a nice experience to attend ‘read India read’ event which helped me in increasing my reading speed.

Jyothi Mangalathu

(My) Presentation skills have improved. Mainframe technical community helped me in this.