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Stories on this page are the outcomes of various community initiatives and interactions. Since the community is driven voluntarily, passionate Mindtree Minds decide the community objective, identify gaps, chart out a roadmap, leverage different techniques and intervention models that benefit other like-minded members. This also helps them network with each other, stay connected, make friends and build trust.

We did a community survey and found out that 23% saw a great progress in the way community initiative has evolved in 2011. 8% said the community activities have made a direct impact in their work/project and it was a life saver for them. 47% noticed a positive impact (personally/professionally) on themselves as well as others.

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Community snapshots

Madhusudhan KM, Chief Architect of MindTree, facilitating an event on 'Rules of the Thumb do not Apply' for breakthrough applications. He gave examples of Skype, eBay, Twitter where the thumb rules did not apply.


Champions Deep Dive into XML. Showcase How to Use it Effectively. Provide Live Examples.

Champions Deep Dive into XML. Showcase How to Use it Effectively. Provide Live Examples.

J2EE Community

The Need

XML is used in most of the technologies; either in a programing language or scripting or markup language. It is used in both server as well as client side programming and also as a database. For example Web development, Content management, Configuration management, Database management as well as in binary flat file.

Couple of J2EE community champions felt it was important for the community to have know-how of effectively leveraging the XML technology. This eventually would help in reducing the code complexity; improve the logic as well as portability. In addition they wanted to share insights on how XML was best leveraged in other projects. The objective was also to trigger discussion within the community on what people are actually using XML for and how they are applying it in their projects.

The Engagement

Practitioners from different projects shared their experience in using XML/XSL technology and the advantages of it. They divided the topics into two buckets to ensure audience at all levels get benefit out of the program.

  • One was to provide insights on technologies around XML i.e. XML & DTD, XML & Schema, Formatting Objects with XSL, DOM & SAX Parsing.
  • The other was ‘Usage of XML’ i.e. case studies on how XML in used in CMS, as well as how XML is used in web service. Case study on Parsing of XML was also shared.

A total of 9 events were conducted of 90 minutes each which included theory as well as hands-on. The team shared best practices along with the sample example of XML, creation and validation of the XML, traversing XML with XPATH and formatting XML with XSL.

The Outcome

The event got a good response from all the XML enthusiasts. Around 150 community members participated in this event series which took place over a span of 1 month. They got an understanding of real life project case studies, various use cases where XML is currently been applied in projects, best practice while using XML as well as in depth understanding of the XML technology. Some said they now realize how important it was to effectively design XML/XSDs for better reuse of types and better payload structure to increase performance in terms of data transfer and marshaling/ unmarshalling in context of web services.

The outcome of this series was not just the technology and the tools build around it, but also the live examples which are presented as case studies. This was liked by the community and they appreciated the initiative by the speakers a lot.

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