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Stories on this page are the outcomes of various community initiatives and interactions. Since the community is driven voluntarily, passionate Mindtree Minds decide the community objective, identify gaps, chart out a roadmap, leverage different techniques and intervention models that benefit other like-minded members. This also helps them network with each other, stay connected, make friends and build trust.

We did a community survey and found out that 23% saw a great progress in the way community initiative has evolved in 2011. 8% said the community activities have made a direct impact in their work/project and it was a life saver for them. 47% noticed a positive impact (personally/professionally) on themselves as well as others.

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Community snapshots

Madhusudhan KM, Chief Architect of MindTree, facilitating an event on 'Rules of the Thumb do not Apply' for breakthrough applications. He gave examples of Skype, eBay, Twitter where the thumb rules did not apply.


Community Busting the Jargon Conundrum

Community Busting the Jargon Conundrum

J2EE Community

The Need

In our dynamic and ever-evolving business new phrases keep popping up in the market. Quite often software professionals come across newer terms or an old jargon they wouldn’t have heard. This results in them spending lot of time and effort in decoding what a new term could mean and how they could apply the technology tidbit in their work. For software engineers being updated is crucial.

Realizing this, few community members from J2EE community decided to fill the gap and help their community in understanding the keywords and jargons often used in the IT industry. That way the community is informed what a keyword means, where it is typically used and how they could be applied. These insights would also help architects and solution designers to dig deeper into the new keywords and apply/use them whenever need be.

The Engagement

Thrice a week, couple of passionate community members who have volunteered for this, send a snippet in the form of a keyword used in IT industry. This snippet is a jargon, a trend, or a term used in the market. It is sent to the community as an email flash. Each mailer provides insights on 2 unique terms and these terms are further elaborated by these volunteers to help readers get a better understanding on the term. The write-up is supported by hyperlinks wherever necessary. This helps the community to dig into the write-up and uncover what related terms could mean.

The team, in addition to sending emails, also updates a Wiki titled ‘Jargon Busters’ which is available on Konnect (MindTree’s social networking site). The wiki works as a handy ready reckoner and serves as an encyclopedia for the larger community within MindTree.

The Outcome

The volunteers got a very good response from the community members (both juniors as well as senior) and their feedback was encouraging. Their words say it all:

  • Raghavendra Seshadri: This is really useful; you get to know about new things and lot of unknown technologies as well.
  • Johnpeter Devesahayam: Great work and the best way of sharing knowledge along with the latest trends.
  • Jas Sivakumar Janarthanan: Jargon busters are just wonderful! Please keep it up!
  • Maniganda Prakash: Simple but effective. This sort of small initiative will make a big difference among us techies.
  • Dinesh Sharma: Very simple but innovative way of sharing information (short and precise). Good thought!
  • Vinay Parashivamurthy: Great idea. Short but informative.
  • Mahesha Mahadevappa: It’s good, I like this way of being updated.
  • Vinod Kumar Devi: Fantastic idea to learn/revise small but important tit-bits of info that will help in solidifying our understanding related to that topic!

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