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Stories on this page are the outcomes of various community initiatives and interactions. Since the community is driven voluntarily, passionate Mindtree Minds decide the community objective, identify gaps, chart out a roadmap, leverage different techniques and intervention models that benefit other like-minded members. This also helps them network with each other, stay connected, make friends and build trust.

We did a community survey and found out that 23% saw a great progress in the way community initiative has evolved in 2011. 8% said the community activities have made a direct impact in their work/project and it was a life saver for them. 47% noticed a positive impact (personally/professionally) on themselves as well as others.

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Community snapshots

Madhusudhan KM, Chief Architect of MindTree, facilitating an event on 'Rules of the Thumb do not Apply' for breakthrough applications. He gave examples of Skype, eBay, Twitter where the thumb rules did not apply.


A Center of Excellence (SAP BI COE) Leverages Community Platform to Collaborate and Share

A Center of Excellence (SAP BI COE) Leverages Community Platform to Collaborate and Share

BI Community

The Need

SAP BI, post-acquisition of Business Objects, consists of 3 diverse areas – Business Warehouse, Reporting and ETL. These were 3 different skillsets with no integration between each other. When SAP brought them it required everyone within the MindTree SAP BI Community to be cross-trained on each of these tools. As a result it became imperative that BI community got together regularly to share information and knowledge on these tool set.

At the same time SAP BI COE at MindTree was growing very fast. A lot of documents, templates, best practices, reusable components were being created in projects. Research was being done by people on new technologies and areas in an isolated manner. It thus became important that the COE needed a platform to regularly share research findings, talk about the best practices in different projects, share reusable components and provide fellow community members with insights on various learning that different teams were gathering. The objective was also to get onsite/offshore teams to collaborate more often, share knowledge and generate best practices.

The Engagement

Events were planned and the community met regularly to address them. These were introductions in each area of SAP BI viz. Business Objects, HANA, BODS. The objective was to get people who are new in the COE to develop interest, integrate them together and increase awareness. Another engagement was to provide exposure in new areas like Mobility and Geospatial reporting. This was based on the research/work done by few people. Team also shared best practices on reusable components used in some projects. That would help improve productivity and share better ways of execution. An overview on some of the new tools in the SAP BI market was also organized.

Events were planned in a way that induced high participation. Few events recorded maximum participation because there was an element of curiosity and topics selected resonated with seniors and juniors alike. Members from Chennai & onsite teams also participated. It was also observed that live demos got the most attention. This helped the community to get hands-on exposure and experience in respective tool and technology area.

The Outcome

Three points worth mentioning as an outcome of regular community interaction are:

  • The community discovered during one of the events on Xcelcius best practices that 3 different teams were trying to achieve the same utility in 3 different ways without collaborating with each other!
  • Documentation for SAP BI is time consuming activity. The tool does not provide automatic feature to create this. ‘Auto Doc’ solution was created to counter this problem. This reduced a 5 month work to 5 hours. It was an eye opener for all. The team took this to a large FMCG client & won a project for Auto Doc implementation.
  • A 10 member team that attended SAP Teched (SAP Annual conference) and disseminated learning to a 300 members.

Regular in-person interactions triggered online discussion on Konnect. Discussion forum with no interaction had influx of 2-3 questions every week. This led to reduced cycle time, helped resolve issues faster and limited the incident of project teams reinventing the wheel. Lot of documents, templates and reusable components were created. Face-to-face conversations, apart from bringing the community together, also helped in sharing knowledge and improving customer perception. Customers appreciated the fact that MindTree has a community and their teams are not working in isolation.

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