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Osmosis Snapshots

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Welcome to Osmosis 2014 – Mindtree’s annual tech fest

Yes! Mindtree’s most distinguished technology event, Osmosis is back again. Over the last 10 years, Osmosis has been a platform for Mindtree Minds to showcase their technical capabilities, learn, share and innovate. It has set the stage that brings out the best skills and capabilities from Mindtree to tell the world that we are unstoppable―as individuals and as an organization.

The theme of Expert thinking set the stage for last year’s Osmosis. Osmosis 2014 will take this to the next level by not just engaging Mindtree Minds, but by connecting the organization to the entire ecosystem that we are part of. The events in Osmosis’14 are crafted to bring out Mindtree’s technological depth and our business centricity. Here are some key tracks and highlights to look forward to…


Osmosis 2014 – Tracks:

In the coming days, Osmosis will unveils 5 unique tracks to Mindtree and the world. While some of them might sound familiar and some very novel, we ensure that they all come with a fresh twist that is bound to entice you. Here is a sneak-peek into the events:


Originating from the concept of the sport of ‘decathlon’, Techathlon, is a one-of-its-kind tactical tech course. The event will consist of 5 challenges―4 technical challenges and a blogging contest―all of which participants need to complete to qualify for the top 3 positions― including the coveted ‘The Techie of the year’ title. Techathlon requires participants to apply their expertise on diverse technical challenges and will assess performance based on pre-defined parameters―testing their efficiency across a multitude of tasks. This 2-week long virtual event is designed to challenge the ability to think logically and apply solutions tactfully.


Value Add Jam:

Conceiving great ideas is nothing new to any of us. But bringing them to life is a feat only a few can achieve. Well here is the moment to make it happen. A new track in Osmosis, the Value Add Jam offers participants the platform to take revolutionizing ideas one step closer to reality. This inter-account competition will present Mindtree Minds with challenging, real-time problems and opportunity patterns to ideate on. Participants are provided the platform to submit their ideas which will be assessed by experts from different viewpoints. The best ideas from each vertical will then be recognized on the final day of Osmosis.



Another novel introduction in this year’s Osmosis is a set of Webinars. This interactive talk event will bring a host of experts from our service lines to the center stage, who will talk about the latest and greatest technological pursuits at Mindtree. The web-based seminars, will be accessible across locations, enabling viewers to interact on these trending topics. Webinars also form a portal for Mindtree to show the world what we stand for in terms of our Expertise.



Get set to shed it all! No… not what you are thinking. S-T-R-I-P-P-E-D is an acronym for Split the topics, Team up the learners, Research & read as a team, Interact & interrogate with all teams, Prepare the content of team’s learning, Present it to all teams, Explore & experiment for more details, Do. Stripped offers a new and innovative way of learning and sharing knowledge on complex technical topic in a quick and effective way. Hosted by a panel of Subject Matter Experts, Stripped engages the participating audience in a group learning mode and collaboratively steers the learning process in the session. To explain in short, STRIPPED concept creates highly interactive platform for self-learning by collaborating among audiences and the SMEs.



K-Safari symbolizes the culmination of month long festivities in Osmosis. Celebrated on the final day of Osmosis, K-Safari transforms Mindtree campuses into a hub buzzing with activities that include putting up vibrant stalls, contests, quizzes, demonstrating our cutting-edge technology implementations, customer talks, technical un-conferences and finally concluding the day with a glittering awards ceremony.



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