Mindtree community awards

About Awards

Participating in community initiative within Mindtree is completely voluntary. Passionate Mindtree Minds from across competency levels, skills, locations and roles volunteer to take the responsibility to lead the community with one objective – to network and share what they know thus making a substantial difference in other people’s lives. While nothing can match their passion, energy, dedication and their willingness to share from time to time the KM Team recognizes, felicitates, rewards such selfless efforts as a tribute to their spirit of volunteerism. This in turn leads to further motivate community members and also encourages higher participation.


Special Recognition

Deepa Krishna (Roots & Fruits Community)

Deepa Krishna of the Roots & Fruits Community got involved with community activities from December 2010 onwards starting with ‘The Professional’ initiative under Roots &

Prashant Naik (WebSphere Community)

Prashant is one of those passionate community champions who loves sharing. In 2010 the WebSphere community was dormant. Not much was happening there. Prashant took

Janani Raghu (Foreign Language Community: Spanish Track)

In early 2011, Janani was in search of a platform – a platform where she can pass on (or in KM parlance ‘share’) her Spanish

Sneha Narayanan (Foreign Language Community: Japanese Track)

Sneha was inspired by a series of Spanish language events that took place in Roots & Fruits Community earlier. She was very

Veena Sonwalkar (User Centric Design Community)

If MindTree Minds recall User Centric Design Community (UCDC) it would be because of the “Design Friday” series. Veena, one of the champions of the