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Participating in community initiative within Mindtree is completely voluntary. Passionate Mindtree Minds from across competency levels, skills, locations and roles volunteer to take the responsibility to lead the community with one objective – to network and share what they know thus making a substantial difference in other people’s lives. While nothing can match their passion, energy, dedication and their willingness to share from time to time the KM Team recognizes, felicitates, rewards such selfless efforts as a tribute to their spirit of volunteerism. This in turn leads to further motivate community members and also encourages higher participation.


Member of the Year

Shyam Viking (Database Community)

Shyam Viking (Database Community)

Leading from Behind

Shyam has been an excellent combination of a guru and a networker. His ability to connect with community members, whether they are Campus Minds or someone senior is impeccable. If there is anyone who is super active on Konnect, the social networking platform within MindTree, it is Shyam Viking. No one matches the number of events he has facilitated, documents he has uploaded, bookmarks he has shared, blogs he has written, or Pulse (the twitter equivalent of Konnect) he has shared. With these Shyam can be exemplified as someone who truly believes and has demonstrated knowledge sharing. As a result he is probably one of the most followed members on Konnect.

These were the key characteristics that we looked for in a member who could be adjudged ‘Community Member of the Year’ – a member who participates actively in community activity whether it was online or physical community activities – apart from demonstrating MindTree CLASS values in a voluntary initiative like community. He is also one of the most modest and humble community members we know. Shyam is a guru in SQL Server database. He is very enthusiastic person who not only evangelizes the benefit of being part of a community, but at the same time articulates his technical know-how to his fellow community members very effectively.

For all his dedication, sincerity and showcasing a true spirit of volunteerism that directly benefits others, Shyam was recognized as the Community Member of the Year. Community members were encouraged to look up to Shyam as a role model for the selfless spirit he brings for the benefit of others.

Here is what Shyam Viking has to say

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by Shyam Viking

I couldn’t find a better title for this blog post and I had to try something different so it catches the eye of several blog readers in Konnect. Why should I bother about trying to catch your attention for my blog post? It’s not that I have been bestowed as the ‘Best Community Member of the Year’; it’s not that I would like to have ‘fan following’; it’s not that I want to be the best among in the technology or the community. Well what is it then?

My intention is to tell folks out there “everyone” who loves contributing to communities, learning from communities, championing for communities, and others who aren’t yet part of this amazing phenomenon called community, that this is a long journey in the world of communities. It will never really end as long as you learn and share your learnings and experiences with ten other people. If you ask me what is my experience being part of the community. This is probably a re-emphasis of what I said earlier and chant even today as bullet points

  • Makes me confident on what I am doing
  • Gives me satisfaction that I could give it back to the place (communities) where I learn the most
  • Comforts me that I could be of some help to some struggling community member
  • Gives me completeness feeling that my knowledge isn’t tacit. It is in Pulses, Blog Posts, Bookmarks, Documents, Discussions, Ideas, events and several others which could be used by the organization in years to come.

This wouldn’t have happened, especially to me, without Konnect and this is where I tried reaching out to several enthusiasts out there in this organization of 10,000 plus employees. Thanks to the KM team for bringing up a novel piece of ‘Collaborative Platform’, and then encouraging me, and several other MindTree Minds to contribute to the community. One simple thing which lasts forever in my mind and keeps me going sharing knowledge constantly whether I have time or no time is this – ‘What is the use of Knowledge if it is within oneself, and not useful to others?’

Enjoy learning and sharing!


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