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Participating in community initiative within Mindtree is completely voluntary. Passionate Mindtree Minds from across competency levels, skills, locations and roles volunteer to take the responsibility to lead the community with one objective – to network and share what they know thus making a substantial difference in other people’s lives. While nothing can match their passion, energy, dedication and their willingness to share from time to time the KM Team recognizes, felicitates, rewards such selfless efforts as a tribute to their spirit of volunteerism. This in turn leads to further motivate community members and also encourages higher participation.


Event of the Year

Aackose Lal (jQuery – How to write less and do more!)

Aackose Lal (jQuery – How to write less and do more!)

Scripting a Success

While jQuery continues to be a hot topic amongst tech enthusiasts, during early 2011 many were looking for an opportunity to not only understand the basics but also get to know how to best leverage the language in their respective projects. The not-so-good part of a new upcoming language is that not much content or expertise is available within the company. Hence most of the time software engineers have to learn a new software language by themselves from scratch. And, when a company gets a project that needs an upcoming technological implementation, it becomes even more challenging for employees to keep the pace.

Mid Year, as a part of deep dive series that Badal and Vinayaka had planned, Aackose facilitated an event on ‘jQuery – How to write less and do more!’ Prior to this he facilitated an event ‘HTML5 Exposed’ which also got a good response from the community. Based on his expertise on the subject, Aackose took the initiative to bring his community members up to speed and took the lead to enrich the larger community. As a result, this event on jQuery got the highest participation from MindTree Minds across the IGs, Practices etc. Community is the only platform within MindTree that brings MindTree Minds across business units, practices and IGs together in one forum, and we had around 130 people participate from the Tech Leads, .Net and other communities in this event.

On popular demand his team is working on conducting a study group on jQuery to benefit the organization in creating experts in jQuery as a scripting language. Post event, based on feedback, he has also published a blog on the subject which was much appreciated. After the event, some PMs, Delivery Heads and BAs got in touch with Aackose for further discussion. For his initiative in helping the community when it needed most, making the event interactive with real time examples Aackose’s event was recognized as the Event of the Year.

A good community event is one where people come together to share and excel in what they know in a dialogue format. We have been evangelizing this heavily as community activities are meant for 4 D’s i.e. dialogues, debates, discussions and dissents, as opposed to typical training or monologue style events. In addition to this when the facilitator brings more life to the forum by making it interactive (see here) the event becomes a perfect community activity.

Here is what Aackose Lal has to say

My Tryst with jQuery Lovers

by Aackose Lal

A bright sunny day… the D-day… I was deeply involved in my project deployment…. I got a call from Sachin, from KM, ‘Sirji, ready for the event?’ I replied with a smile. He continued, “We have booked Kalpa 1 (capacity 85) for the event and we will be able to fit in people.” By then I had numbers running in my head… 20…30… no no maximum 15. So 20 minutes to the event I was waiting at Kalpa, butterflies in my stomach. 10 minutes to the event, the count was 9. I relaxed and went out for a drink of water. As I returned Sachin came running to me, We need to extend to Kalpa2″. When I looked around I saw Kalpa 1 was full! Shocked, I went backstage and stood there for a while to calm down. I returned to see Kalpa 2 was full too. I told to myself “I am dead”. Sachin said, “I think we underestimated a bit”. To get myself in control, I started working on opening up the partitions, setting up my PPT, adjusting the mike. Soon I was 10 minutes into my scheduled time and the whole of Kalpa was swarming with minds from different practices, domains, verticals and horizontals. I was informed that the bridge lines were full and there were people still in queue. Later I got to know that the headcount was around 127.

I started off the event by thanking all of them for taking precious time off their busy schedule to attend my event. It was indeed touching for me, to have a whole crowd there waiting to learn something new and I made up my mind on one thing – at any cost, by the end of the event, I want each and every one of them to feel that the last 1 hour was really worth it. Throughout the event, I channelized all my focus on getting the fundamentals right for them. And it was well received. This is one language where all you need is a good start. The rest will all fall well in place as you progress. And at the end of the event, from their smiles I was able to see that they had all received what they were looking for.

Even after the event, I keep receiving calls from different accounts asking for clarifications, suggestions and possibilities about various jQuery implementations. This experience turned out to be the most unforgettable event in my life. The “Community Event of the Year” award was an added feather to it. But the true success goes to all those who patiently attended the event, learning from it. There is nothing more priceless than that. Special thanks to KM for their never ending support in these events and also to CAG for having confidence in me and giving me such an opportunity to guide a lot.

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  1. Srinivasan Rajagopal says:

    You have been really inspiring everyone around to learn something new everyday and to share the knowledge you gain. Your session was just brilliant. Thanks.


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