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Participating in community initiative within Mindtree is completely voluntary. Passionate Mindtree Minds from across competency levels, skills, locations and roles volunteer to take the responsibility to lead the community with one objective – to network and share what they know thus making a substantial difference in other people’s lives. While nothing can match their passion, energy, dedication and their willingness to share from time to time the KM Team recognizes, felicitates, rewards such selfless efforts as a tribute to their spirit of volunteerism. This in turn leads to further motivate community members and also encourages higher participation.


Community of the Year

J2EE Community

J2EE Community

Mantras for Winners

One of the main criteria for identifying Community of the Year is that the community should have been in ‘active’ state for all 4 quarters. What is an active community then? We term a community active if it meets or conducts at least 2 face-to-face events a month, which translates to at least 6 community events every quarter.

The JAVA community, or J2EE as it is called, was one of the most active communities in MindTree. While being active is one thing, what they have initiated, achieved and experienced is probably more than what any other community has done in a year. Whether it was their Jargon Buster series or organizing a 2 day Tech Day event, BattleCode contest, XML Unplugged series or networking with external community like IBM & Huawei, we felt there was no other community which achieved as much. Much of their success lies in the unprecedented drive that the community champions have.

They are also unique in a way that they have a great mentor – Dinesh Sharma – who is part of the Central Architecture Group. Dinesh has been grooming and nurturing them over the last one year. We feel honored and proud to have them as a part of MindTree Community. In addition to the trophy that they lifted during the Osmonite event, the community also got a cheque worth INR 10,000. While nothing can match the contribution of the community champions, this is the least we could do.

Some of the key community events that took place were:

  • Tech Days: A 2 day event. 500+ people participated. Total 10 interactive events. One of the participant noted, “I gained a lot in few events, things I was struggling with for the past few months”.
  • Series on ‘Spring Framework’: 300 participated in 4 events.
  • ‘XML Unplugged’ Series: Around 150 participated in 9 events.
  • JEE Design Patterns: 105 participated in 5 events.
  • Meeting with June 2011 Campus Batch – 200 participated. Generic overview about Community and J2EE Specific activities.
  • Meeting with November 2011 Campus Batch – 120 participated.
  • BattleCode Contest for MindTree World: 120 teams registered within and outside India. 40 participated and 2 teams won.
  • JVM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools: 50 participated. Facilitated by Campus Minds from Oct 2009 batch.

Collaboration with IBM & Huawei Community

  • IBM invited speakers from MindTree J2EE community for a webinar. Abhideep Chakravarty gave a talk on ‘Java with Groovy’ whereas Randhish Raghavan shared his expertise on ‘XML Schema Design Patterns’. Around 120 Techies from IBM, CTS, Infy and other companies participated.
  • During Tech Days event at MindTree around 22 members from IBM & Huawei participated. Two speakers from IBM engaged the community. One was a keynote speech from IBM Program Director.
  • Dinesh Sharma’s interview was featured in the IBM Community Wiki ‘Spotlight’ as “Featured interviews of achievers in the Java Technology Space.”


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