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Participating in community initiative within Mindtree is completely voluntary. Passionate Mindtree Minds from across competency levels, skills, locations and roles volunteer to take the responsibility to lead the community with one objective – to network and share what they know thus making a substantial difference in other people’s lives. While nothing can match their passion, energy, dedication and their willingness to share from time to time the KM Team recognizes, felicitates, rewards such selfless efforts as a tribute to their spirit of volunteerism. This in turn leads to further motivate community members and also encourages higher participation.


Champion of the Year

Abhideep Chakravarty (J2EE Community)

Abhideep Chakravarty (J2EE Community)

A Passion to Make Things Happen

Abhideep has been the key catalyst in the J2EE community and has led the community from the front. His passion to make things happen, his love for sharing what he knows, his ability to take the lead, his zeal in working closely with other community champions and peers, and his skill in networking with people makes him what he is today. He is a techie to the core and a keen learner. Over the last 1 year he has taken the lead in organizing events within his community – whether they were self-facilitated events or events facilitated by others. He also facilitated an unconference event in IBM and it was very well appreciated by people there.

Abhideep empathizes well with his community as well as other J2EE community champions and is also a great community member. One of the parameters in scouting for ‘Champion of the Year’ was adherence to MindTree’s CLASS values. Abhideep fit in well here too. His care towards his community, the passion for sharing and helping his community to stay updated vis-à-vis market trends, his eagerness to learn etc. has helped him get that extra visibility within the organization. It seems that he is also admired for this eccentricity by others.

Abhideep is knowledgeable at his level, exhibits leadership traits, is a people’s person, is empathetic, approachable, proactive and has been responsive to the community needs. All these traits make him ‘The Champion of the Year’. He is a class apart not only in community activities but is also doing extremely well in his project. For all his dedication, sincerity and showcasing the true spirit of volunteerism that benefits others, more than him, he was recognized as ‘Champion of the Year’.

Here is what Abhideep has to say:

Experience of being part of community

by Abhideep Chakravarty

It starts with my interview in MindTree. The 3rd round of my interview and was techno-functional. When we were almost done, I asked a question – “What about knowledge sharing and similar activities?” and that’s when I first got to know that there is a vibrant community culture in MindTree. After joining MindTree, I often saw some events happening here and there; saw posters advertising them, on Knowledge Boards.

My first PM told me once, “Abhideep, be visible.” I got what she meant by that and from that day I’ve been trying to be as visible as possible. One day I thought of taking a technical event. But I didn’t know whom to contact. Someone told me get in touch with the J2EE community champions. That was a day. I contacted and took an event on ‘Reflection’ where Archanaa Karun helped me a lot in getting it arranged. I then took a repeat telecast of the same. Then I somehow worked on ‘Observer Design Pattern’. Thought let’s take this as well. I facilitated that too.

Then I got a ping from someone named Shadab Lari and the guy asked for my extension. I was busy with something and couldn’t shift my concentration, so I refused to give him the number and asked him to continue on the IM so that I could manage both. He proposed that I take more events on Design Pattern. There were some challenges which I shared with him and he was ready to help me out. Only later, when I checked with someone about who the guy was, the answer was – Senior Manager, KM Team! We eventually met, planned and started a series of event. It went well. In January, he set up another meeting between me and the J2EE Community Champions and suggested including me as a new champion. So I became champion of the community. Then we started working and did great events like Tech Days. We grew in size. We did Jargon Busters and this received much appreciation. We collaborated with the IBM Java community and I got chance to talk at a national level webinar held by IBM, it was great experience. The year ended.

Later I saw a mail saying Community of the Year will be awarded and champion, member and event will also be awarded. That was exciting. J2EE community got the Community of the Year award and I got the Champion of the Year award and this is another day. A year long journey of knowledge, network, exposure, opportunity and success… and I guess, I am quite visible.


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