Architechture Conclave Snapshots

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Architecture Conclave – 2013

Architecture Conclave’13 focused on brainstorming and sharing view points on emerging trends for a connected enterprise and embracing simplicity to build meaningful solutions.

Theme: The Connected Enterprise and Simplicity

Day 1 of the Architecture Conclave focused on discussing patterns and evolutionary thinking in connecting consumers, employees and enterprises together. A demonstration of Mindtree’s innovative smart TV apps highlighted the Internet of Things that’s connecting humans and machines.

The conclave opened with a keynote session by Mindtree’s Chief Strategy Officer , who spoke about the history of various industrial revolutions and enabled the audiences to foresee future evolutions.

Some of the interesting sessions were:

  • Connected Homes: An innovative solution developed by Mindtree to connect Smart Grids with Smart Homes.
  • How connects India: Redbus is a home-grown online bus ticketing organization which enables traditional tour/bus operators to list seat inventory on, an IT platform for online booking and cancellations. The IT architecture, DevOps model, frequent production releases following lean processes provided deep learning to the audience.
  • Design for Simplexity: This session was adjudged the best session of the conclave and received a standing ovation from the audience. The session shared examples of engagements where traditional UX were transformed to minimalistic, simple and intuitive UX that led to multi-fold increase in site visitors.

Day 2 of the conclave was inaugurated by Madhu, Chief Architect and Head of Central Architecture Group. Madhu delivered the keynote session titled “Simplify and Innovate”. He shared the CHORD principle of simplification, idiomatic patterns, visualizing code as city and many more intriguing examples.

Day 2 also witnessed the ‘Architecture Contest’ in which a number of architects tried to solve a SaaS problem statement to build an auditing system. Three shortlisted architects presented their architecture solutions and answered queries from the audience. The best architecture was chosen by the audience through digital voting pads.

The second conclave came to its end with a keynote by Mindtree CTO Janaki Raman, fondly known as Jani. He shared his thoughts on the criticality of localization for successful products and systems. He explained with examples of projects that either took longer than expected or were shelved due to non-alignment with local market expectations.


14-Mar-2013, Thursday: The Connected Enterprise


George Z

Connectivity in our Enterprise

The new trends in B2E landscapes and in Mindtree, and the evolving CIO organization
Sudhir Reddy

Coffee/Tea Break

The Consumer Centric Enterprise

How traditional enterprise elements are joining hands with consumers through cloud, social, big data, and analytics
Team Digital: Satyarth, Yogesh

Technologies for the Connected Enterprise

Technology enablers supporting the consumer centric enterprise for business advantage
Shashikant + Anitha

Connecting Homes: Smart Grids and Smart Homes

A talk on how our homes are becoming more connected, and more smart
Ambarish N + Devender Vannela


Thin Device, Thick Cloud: The Next Generation of Connected Apps

How Cloud and Mobile are evolving new use cases
Manoj + Pranshu

Showcase: How Connects India

A talk on how uses various technologies for connecting India
Satish Gidugu

Coffee/Tea Break

Showcase: Connecting CPG Organization and the Consumer

Showcasing the connected CPG enterprise, and our contributions therein
Deepak Bhat

The Future is Smart TVs – Resistance is Futile!

A view into the smart TV landscape, and the tech behind it all
Team Digital: Jaya


15-Mar-2013, Friday: Simplicity

Simplify and Innovate

Principles for simplification, and making room for innovation

Sense and Simplicity: Tackling Scalability in the Internet of Things

The art of extracting simplicity from complexity, and applying it in the context of the Internet of Things
Dr. Raghu

Coffee/Tea Break

Simplifying Services Innovation, the IBM Way

A talk on service development, deployment and operations, and how Open Service Lifecycle Management is helping
IBM: Albee Jhoney

Showcase: Simplifying Life for Insurance Organization: The eBusiness Platform

Harish + Vinodh


Simplicity: Applied

Architecture Contest Presentation and Results

10m overview; 15m+5m per presenter x3 = 60m, 15m: voting and winner announce
The Contestants

Coffee/Tea Break

Simplifying Landscapes: The CPG Story

How we are looking to simplify the CPG organization digital landscape
Krushna Samanta

Designing for Simplexity

Talk on simplification of UX
Vinay Dixit

The Best Presenter

Closing Keynote