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Architecture Conclave – 2012

The first edition of the Architecture Conclave was attended by over 100 Mindtree architects from around the world. The event was intended at collecting experiences of architects and business domain SMEs and connecting those cross domain and technology experiences to build unique solutions. Day 1 was dedicated to the BFSI industry, while Day 2 focused on the CPG and Retail domains.

It was a closed event for invited Mindtree Minds.

Theme: Collect the Dots and Connect Them Later

The event opened with a keynote session titled “Architect’s role in realizing “DE Best” Vision” by Mindtree CEO of IT Services . He spoke about marrying technology, architecture and business domains to build enterprise systems; the criticality of building usable and meaningful systems with industries getting closer to its consumers; and knowing consumer needs. He stressed about the importance of solution patterns from different domains to build innovative solutions.

Day 1 of the conclave witnessed interesting sessions including “Rules of Thumb Do Not Apply” by Madhusudhan, Chief Architect and Head of Central Architecture Group. He shared examples of system architecture which broke the ‘Rule of Thumb’ to realize innovative solutions, introduced the power of context that would be pervasive in all future systems and led Mindtree Minds towards identifying patterns and solutions from nature, citing bio-mimicry and self-healing behaviors.

Several architects shared their experiences realized from building large, complex and domain-centric systems.

Day 2 witnessed architects sharing experiences on emerging concepts like semantic web, big data analytics and ways to realize large scale enterprise SOA.

One of the interesting sessions involved building a contest site where people could upload their baby’s pictures and vote for the best one. The system was built with small load expectations! It went viral upon launching, and the site started facing serious performance issues. It was very interesting to learn from the solutions that were incrementally applied to scale the system within a few days!

A few other sessions that need a special mention are:

  • Solution thinking: A team activity to build a solution architecture considering the big picture
  • Retail landscape: A connected World: A deep dive into the ecosystem and integration landscape, what’s next in CPG and retail domains and Mindtree’s experience in realizing large scale systems for the industry
  • Kinect-based innovative applications: This session kept the audience engaged and elicited a standing ovation

The conclave concluded with a keynote by Veera, Chief Delivery Officer. He spoke about the key role that architects play in delivering excellence and taking innovative solutions to customers.


16-Feb-2012, Thursday


Architects’ Role in realizing “DE Best” dream

keynote by Anjan Lahiri

Can I bring my iPad & work on my iPad in office?

Consumerization of IT…Opportunities & Challenges in digital world

Amit Varma

Coffee/Tea Break

Rules of thumb do not apply


Architecture patterns for scalable systems – choosing your compute and data store technologies



Enterprise Risk Management – Architecture Showcase

Sudhir Sawant

Basel , PCI, SoX…How do I make sense of all these regulations and compliance standards

Duet between Neeraj & Dinesh

Are you ready to throw your wallet and use your Mobile as Wallet – Future of Payment industry

Dinesh Sharma

Coffee/Tea Break

Human Computer Networks…What is the connection? What are the opportunities?

Vidyanshu Pandey


17-Feb-2012, Friday

Show & Tell : Semantic Web


Big Data Analytics – Big Opportunities, Bigger Challenges

Uma Hariharan & Team

Coffee/Tea Break

Large Scale Enterprise SOA – Architecture Showcase

Rajamani Saravanan

Why can’t I cast my vote on my baby’s photo?
Lessons learnt from Architecting Voting contest application

Pranshu Jain


The Big Picture –Solution thinking

Janardhana Reddy

The Retail Landscape: A Connected World

Sharad & Bassy

Coffee/Tea Break

You thought it was just a game – Enterprise Applications using Kinect

Yogesh Ate

TPM: Buy Advantages, Get Challenges Free

Bassy & Shyam

Closing Keynote : Role of Architects towards delivery excellence


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